Masai Mara, Part Deux

The final part of our vacation week was spent going to Masai Mara. We drove ourselves (three cheers to Eric for navigating us down bumpy dirt/rock roads and only getting us stuck once...). It was fun to be back, for 2 nights this time, which was much more relaxing. Every trip is probably a different experience, and this was a fun one for sure! We saw some new animals, and some previously seen but closer up this time. We also learned that Maggie was much more interactive! She enjoyed pointing at all the animals and trying to repeat our animal names (dik dik!)...last time, she just fell asleep. Here are some of the highlights.
Hippos!! Seen in the river just around the bend from our tent rooms. There must have been over 30.
Having fun with Auntie Joan and Grandma in the safari vehicle.
The secretary bird, a new find.
Saw the rhinos again, but even closer up than last time.
Note the proximity of this sleeping female lioness to our safari van!
Elands in beautiful formation.
Ostriches, like the can can dancers!
Can't get enough of the giraffes.
The first morning out, we saw a pack of around 20 hyenas feasting on a tasty wildebeest. We could hear crunching bones and snarling and even the stereotypical hysterical hyena laugh!
The cape buffalo, complete with bird on back.
Smiling, sleeping hippos.
Coolest moment of the safari: found a male lion with full mane sleeping on the grass. Suddenly his mate approached, and he sat up. Then they nuzzled! And "posed" for this photo! Awesome!
Where'd you go, sweetheart?
The giraffe "band photo." Maybe Concerning Lions should change their name to Concerning Giraffes.
What a fun time to safari with family! My mom, Aunt Joan, Aunt Lois, and Uncle Bob.


AbbyJP said...

Rachel and Eric: Who is that little girl with you?! Maggie is growing up so quickly. What a cutie :)

susan said...

Wowwed by all the pictures...hoping the "Senechal siblings" are having a wonderful time, from a couple cousins who wish they could be there.