What? 11 days and no blogging? Are Eric and Rachel becoming "one of those blogs"? You know what I'm talking about. Take heart, and allow me to allay the fears that I'm sure have been plaguing your days and your nights for the last 10 days and 23 hours. We recognize the problem and will be working to fix it. There have been a couple temporary roadblocks, namely Eric out of town for a conference with no internet access, and downage of our home internet as well. Things are slightly improved now.

While out of town, Eric did not lodge at the above hotel. However, there have been requests for pics of our nearby surroundings, and this venue is right outside the hospital. There's actually another titled "Extreme Hotel", and I confirm that it indeed looks much more extreme, but maybe not in an advertising-friendly sort of way.


Cherry said...

Eric and Rachel, I can hardly tell you how very much I have enjoyed reading thru your whole Kenya blog tonight. Since Sept 09 my life has been very atypical and chaotic and I won't foist the details on you. But after plowing thru 735 emails and finally getting to yours I decided to claim the luxury of spending some time to escape into Kenya with you. It was a pleasure. The pictures really help to make your lives more visible to my imagination.

As I look at the three of you what keeps coming to mind is that you were created for this life. Not many are - but God has fashioned you with the right set of proclivities to thrive where you are planted. So, my dears, "Go for it, God is with you." Agape and philos, Cherry