Frederick Buechner on Prayer

"What about when the boy is not healed? When, listened to or not listened to, the prayer goes unanswered? Who knows? Just keep praying, Jesus says. Remember the sleepy friend, the crooked judge. Even if the boy dies, keep on beating the path to God's door, because the one thing you can be sure of is that down the path you beat with even your most half-cocked and halting prayer the God you call upon will finally come, and even if he does not bring you the answer you want, he will bring you himself. And maybe at the secret heart of all our prayers that is what we are really praying for." (from Wishful Thinking)


Ellen said...

I have recently read some of his stuff and have become a fan.

Jonathan said...

Miss you guys bunches today!! Give Maggie a kiss for me.

Love, Sami