Over The Rhine

One of our favorite bands has one of our favorite Christmas albums up on line for a complete listen, and we highly recommend it. Click on the link, click on the "record player", listen to your hearts content, and maybe think about buying it for a friends Christmas present. A friend named Eric or Rachel.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's nice. Another fun one we've found is Ten out of Tenn Christmas Album. You heard of 'em?
MPJ, Andy Davis, Katie Herzig, and many others. We went to their Christmas concert the other night and fully enjoyed it. We got the album, too, and it's great.
Sami (too bad I didn't draw one of your names for Christmas) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to let you know that we realy enjoyed the concert the other night, thank you. I went up and told Andrew Peterson's wife how much you enjoy him and that he is all over you blog. Thanks again, Mom